At Gnosis, we believe in a redistributed future. We are building fundamentally new market mechanisms to make this future possible. Check out our update on Gnosis' mission, vision, and the road ahead 💫👉
An update on our mission, vision, and the road ahead

'Pushing for a decentralized future through building high-quality technical products with an amazing group of talented people is where my ❤️ is at.' Learn more about the interesting journey of our COO & #powerwoman Friederike (@tw_tter) 🙌👉

Promising prediction market which will run on Ethereum.
"I can imagine a world in which prediction markets are ubiquitous. We're using them to decide many issues probabilistically in the financial industry, in entertainment, in corporate structure, in governance. They really are a swiss army knife that can be applied to virtually every situation." -Joe Lubin
"Everyone worldwide can participate in the same markets. Creating a global liquidity pool, allowing us to create the most reliable forecast." -Stefan George
"Machines want to help us, but they don't know how. With Gnosis they can sell information directly to human processes." -Matt Liston