The Future of Forecasting

A prediction market protocol owned and operated by the people that use it.

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Predict the next election, short a cryptocurrency, or hedge against disaster.

Use Cases for Augur

Political Forecasting

Turn political knowledge into predictive power by trading on the outcome of upcoming elections, potential policy decisions, and other political events.

Event Hedging

Hedge against catastrophic events like natural disasters, market crashes, and geopolitical upheaval by betting that the event will occur.

Weather Prediction

Harness the power of crowds to create a more accurate weather prediction tool for events like hurricane landfalls, heat waves, and daily temperature averages.

Company Forecasting

Companies can use Augur to guide decision making by forecasting vital information such as total product sales and project completion times.

The Augur Cycle

Choose an Event

Choose an event to predict. Anything is fair game, from the next presidential election to the success of a company’s product.

Create a Market

Check the list of open markets to see if a market already exists for your event. If not, create one.[1]

Buy and Sell Shares

Trade on the outcome of your event by buying and selling shares in its market. Buy shares to go long on an outcome, or sell shares to short it.

Report the Outcome

Report the winning outcome of the event after it occurs. Other users can dispute your report if they don't agree.

Claim Your Winnings

Users who hold shares of the winning outcomes are paid out from the market contract when the market is resolved.

The Currencies of Augur



Trading on the Augur protocol is done with Ethereum. As one of the most widely-used cryptocurrencies, Ethereum helps make trading on Augur accessible to all.



Augur's Reputation token is used for reporting and disputing the outcome of events. Reporters are rewarded for reporting correctly.

Fair and Open Technology

Augur is built from the ground up to be owned and operated by the people that use it. This is a technical reality enabled by the Ethereum blockchain and open source software.


Augur is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Decentralized technology means decentralized control: no one person can single-handedly change Augur or shut it down.

Open Source

The code is in the hands of the users. Anyone can read the code that runs Augur or copy the code to create a new version that suits their needs.

The Benefits of Augur

Low Trading Fees

Trading fees go directly to market creators and reporters. There's no third party making money from your trades.

User-Created Markets

There are no limits on what markets can be created. If you want to trade on it, a market can be created for it. [1]

Automated Payouts

Get paid as soon as a market's winning outcome is declared. Payments are automated and transparent.

Open to All

Augur is a permissionless protocol. Anyone, anywhere in the world can participate.

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