Bitfi Bounty Pays $250,000


Bitfi has the highest commitment to security and when it comes to storing financial assets nothing could be more critical. It is well known that Bitfi is advertised as the world’s first and only unhackable storage for digital assets and we guarantee that your money is safe for life. This is an extraordinary claim and of course it is sometimes received with a lot of skepticism. There have been a lot of claims by various people that nothing is unhackable and this message has been perpetuated for quite some time.

We strongly believe in the value of a bounty in an effort to resolve any possible concerns about the security of the Bitfi wallet.

The rules for claiming the bounty are simple:

  • We deposit coins into a Bitfi wallet
  • If you wish to participate in the bounty program, you will purchase a Bitfi wallet that is preloaded with coins for just an additional $10 (the reason for the charge is because we need to ensure serious inquiries only)
  • If you successfully extract the coins and empty the wallet, this would be considered a successful hack
  • You can then keep the coins and Bitfi will make a payment to you of $250,000
  • Please note that we grant anyone who participates in this bounty permission to use all possible attack vectors, including our servers, nodes, and our infrastructure

Please note that if you wish to participate we may ask you to make the process public so that others in the digital asset community can follow the attempt to hack the Bitfi wallet. The above is what we consider a successful hack. Nothing else will qualify. Please also note that this is not a bug bounty program. This is strictly a bounty to hack into the Bitfi wallet to allow those who claim they can hack it to attempt to do so.

Please contact if you wish to participate.