Buy Reddit Gold with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin & more!

Looking to purchasing a Reddit Gold membership with Bitcoins? You’re in luck, my friend.

You may have already heard the news: Reddit has stopped accepting Bitcoin as a payment option for Reddit Gold memberships. Fortunately, we have a solution for you.

Bitrefill allows you to purchase Reddit Gold memberships using Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Dash!

Purchasing Reddit Gold memberships — whether for yourself or for a fellow Redditor — is as simple as visiting and clicking the Reddit logo. After your transaction is confirmed, you’ll receive a voucher code which you can redeem directly on Reddit.

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About Reddit Gold

Reddit Gold includes power user features to enhance your Reddit experience. It’s also used to show appreciation for comments made by other Redditors and to support the site.

Reddit Gold features include:

  • Turn off ads
  • Change reddit themes
  • Create a custom reddit avatar
  • New comment highlighting
  • Remember what links you’ve visited across computers
  • Create your own super secret society
  • More comments per page
  • View saved comments by subreddit
  • Categorise saved posts & comments
  • Add notes to friends
  • Access to /r/lounge — Reddit Gold’s super secret community
  • Invitations to test new features
  • Trophy on your avatar

How to Buy a 1 Month Reddit Gold Membership with Bitrefill

Buying a Reddit Gold membership is really simple. To get started, you’ll need the username that will be receiving the membership and your cryptocurrency of choice.

  1. Head to Scroll down to Other Products and click Reddit Gold.

2. The Pricelist indicates the cost to purchase 1 month of Reddit Gold with Bitcoin. Start by typing in the username of the account that the membership will be applied to. You can add your own Reddit username if you’re buying it for yourself, or you can add a friend’s username to gift it. Then click Continue.

3. Under Your Email, add your email address to receive a status update on your order. By default, Bitcoin is selected under Pay With — if you’re looking to buy Reddit Gold with another cryptocurrency, you can switch this to Litecoin, Lightning BTC, Dash, Dogecoin, and Lightning LTC. Choose your payment method and click To Payment.

4. The next screen will show you the details necessary to completed the order. If you’re paying with Bitcoin, you can pay instantly with Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, and Xapo; or you can manually pay from your own wallet by copying the address below or by scanning the QR code.

Once your payment has been confirmed — your 1 month Reddit Gold membership has been purchased and instantly applied to the user account. You’ll receive a on-screen delivery confirmation, as well as an email confirmation if you’ve provided an email.

Buy Reddit Gold from Bitrefill now »

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