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As you can tell, I don't really have the time or energy to try and keep this sub active. With the Dash hiring Eddie Robinson, a dude couldn't understand why water breaks are necessary even when a Dash player collapsed from heat stroke on the field, is now the assistant coach..I've lost all desire to actively participate with this team.

If they aren't going to make an effort to treat women's soccer with any respect, I'm not gonna bother.

That being said, I'm never going to sell the sub to the Dash pay people. Just keep reporting their posts. I think 2 reports and it gets deleted by automoderator. If anyone else wants to take over the subreddit, PM me. I'll vet your post history and give you keys to the ship.

This place deserves to be taken care of by someone who is passionate and cares and I just dont have that fire for this team anymore. I hope they get it together before Brenner just sells the team.


The Dash picked up six point last week when they defeated the Reign and Spirit. This week the Dash are home again and face the North Carolina Courage on Sunday. The Dash lost to the Courage 2-0 on April 28, so this rematch will be good. Both of those goals came early in the 3rd minute and the 48th minute catching the Dash off guard.

I'm looking forward to Sunday's game its going to be a true test for the Dash. The Courage are undefeated and a Dash win would send shockwaves through the league.

I would be remiss if I didnt mention the loss of Kristie Mewis. She is a great player and brought so much leadership and energy to the team.
Reports are that she is out for the season.


The Dash will need you this Sunday!

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Channel 2

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Channel 13 Sponsored (paid?) Dash page Zero Dynamo or Dash Coverage

Channel 26 Fox Zero Dynamo or Dash Coverage - links for Astros/ Rockets and Texan pages but no Soccer


97.5 FM ESPN Houston

I recommend:

The Bench with John Granato & Lance Zierlein morning show at 7:00 AM

Glenn Davis Soccer Matters Program Tuesdays from 7-9pm on 97.5FM (Support Glenn, Houston's only dedicated voice for Soccer) Glenn Davis Soccer Matters Podcast

790 AM Sports

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Watch all the NWSL not on Lifetime for free at Go90

BBVA Compass Dash Check in with Edgar Veliz

NWSL & USWNT Coverage


Houston Chronicle Sports Writer Glynn Hill


Would anyone on the dash team be interested in sponsoring a sports team in Hong Kong?


I wanted to get some constructive feedback on the loss last night. From the starting lineup, to individual game-play, highlights and lows, also the subs and their performance. Also looking forward how do the Dash take 3 points from Orlando this weekend?

I have quite a few thoughts about this and not enough time at the moment to put them all down, but I wanted to get this started.

Here are a few bullet points.

  1. Thimba's first start. Overall I thought she did well. She had a solid shot on goal, I look forward to seeing her in more open field situations.

  2. Jane Campbell - I really need to go back and watch this game again, Jane is good there is no question, however she could improve on her inbound kick accuracy. She has sent several out of bounds resulting in unforced turnovers over the past three games The CHI second goal from last night began with her quick short kick that lead to a turn over and goal.

  3. Savanah Jordan. Again, I need to go back and watch this game more thoroughly but it seemed like she didn't get that many touches and I don't recall any clear shots on goal from her. This is her 3rd start in that position, as our striker the team needs to get her more involved and play to her strengths.

  4. Mewis. Own goal. It happened and I know she was trying to defend. She's been very good on the backline with Daly over the past few games.

  5. Daly. Normally she's rock solid and accurate on her downfield kicks. Last night wasn't her best game. The cross that lead to the second goal was on her. I thought she should have tried to block that cross, and she lost a step during that run down. She also had a few turn overs but she cant win out on all the balls.

  6. Keever - I'll just say that I liked the fact that she got a yellow card last night. That just showed me that she has some fight in her. She seems like such a nice person but we need focused agressive players. Despite the fact that she has the Dash's lone goal this season, she needs to continue to press and let her quality come through.

  7. Throw ins - I'll just say that we had more result in turnovers then should be happening especially down in potential scoring areas.

  8. Nichelle - IMO she should be starting. She has the experience in this league. She is so quick and good at handling the ball and putting herself into either assisting ops or scoring.

  9. Agnew - She's another player that I believe should be given an opportunity to start.

  10. Ohai - time to take the gloves off. If she has the green light they need to unleash her. I know they don't want to have a reinjury, nobody wants that. We want her to have a successful comeback,but we need to trust in her and let her play.

  11. Set Pieces - how can the dash be more successful in this area? Who are we targeting?


I wanted to start this thread about the game to get some feedback.

Overall good performance by the Dash and a very promising start to the season.

I was puzzled as to why Keever didn't start the second half. After all, she just scored the Dash's first goal, her confidence must have been high, not mention the symmetry between her and Jordan (was it Jordan that feed her the pass?)

I understand Nichelle needs to get in but I would have sub'd her in later and kept up the current attack. Maybe Vera was trying to through the stars off balance with Nichelle.

The ending of the game was crushing. It might be a good thing that it happened in the first game so the team will learn from this and not let anymore wins slip away.

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