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5 hours ago

It is not a question of IF crypto will take over significant chunks of the payments industry, and significant chunks of the remittance industry, and significant chunks of the "store of value" industry and precious metals industry and developing world banking industry...

It is a question of when and how fast.



Report to Masternode Owners.

Dash Hub Africa held an Introductory Dash Business Directory ( to Ladies where over 800 attended and less than 10% know about Cryptocurrency and Digital payment. Over 500 new wallets were achieved.

We are building an ecosystem for Africa that would make Dash become the mainstream currency spent here not excluding Women from Dash.

Please Watch the YouTube Video

The second phase of this proposal needs more YES Votes, we cant achieve all this without your support. Thanks for your cooperation. We are so happy working for this network.


I heard about masternode shares some time ago and recently decided to research them a bit more thoroughly. I saw some posts here recommending moocowmoo or splawik, and it seems the official web site also suggests them. But when I visit I see no mention of a masternode share for 25 dash. I only see masternode hosting for 1000 dash.

If moocowmoo is still offering shares for 25 dash then I would be thankful if someone could point me to information about them.

If moocowmoo is no longer offering masternode shares, then the official website should not be misleading people to the website but should only be recommending the services of splawik or others who are selling shares.


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Source: @Dashpay


4 days ago - June 15, 2018

Dash #Instagram is back Alive

Please join and follow

DigitalCash #Crypto


5 days ago - June 14, 2018

What's Going on at #Dash - 14th June

DigitalCash #Crypto


5 days ago - June 13, 2018

Alt36 Partners With #CannTrade, Opening The Door To Cashless Digital Payments For The Cannabis Industry…


6 days ago - June 13, 2018

Need #Dash Support ? please check

DigitalCash #Crypto


6 days ago - June 13, 2018

Dash Puts Science Research On The #Blockchain

MedicinalGenomics #DigitalCash #Crypto


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1 day ago


Users u/TrustlessMoney & u/laminatedjesus had a comment exchange you can see here (abbreviated version due to length, check the full version if you're so inclined)

To make it short: From my perspective u/laminatedjesus lost the argument evidenced by him running to r/Monero reposting the last comment from u/TrustlessMoney hoping to get some ammo to fire back. This is the resulting thread

I am going to reply to this comment in particluar and will debunk it almost word for word (backup copy here). When I read it the first time it felt like the amount of falsehoods in it exceeded the amount of words used. That's why I decided to dedicate a thread to it.

Please note that I have posted a large collection of refutations, corrections and debunkings from other authors and myself in the local wiki so if you're confronted with other lies, chances are good you'll find something useful in there, as trolls aren't very creative and regurgitate long debunked nonsense 99% of the time.

Alright, enough of that, let's get to the meat of it:

I am assuming you have read the full comment or have it in front of you.

The Debunking

Dash private send is basically a stupid mixing service

Not nearly as stupid as obfuscating an entire blockchain turning its encryption into a centralized point of failure.

that takes hours,

May take hours. PrivateSend mixing speeds have been significantly improved in v12.1 and v12.2. Depending on the amount you want to mix you can get it done in less than one.

then supposedly gives you "clean" coins,

Nothing "supposedly" about it. They are clean coins. No one has proven it to be otherwise. Can't say the same about Monero.

but as soon as you spend them you need to redo the whole thing again (to unlink your coins again)

100% false and embarrassingly so due to fundamental ignorance on how PrivateSend works. You don't need to "redo the whole thing again". After mixing you have another balance known as the PrivateSend balance in your wallet. You can spend from that until it's depleted. Theoretically you could mix your entire Dash wealth (which you'd do only once) and spend it over the course of your life without having to mix ever again.

You need to trust a handful of masternodes and their providers

Again false. Double-false even:

  1. 4700 is not "a handful" of Masternodes. Moreover it's more than 3 times the nodes Monero has, so trying to belittle one of the strongest full node infrastructures in the entire crypto-space is quite pathetic.
  2. You don't need to trust anyone. The process is randomized and done over several rounds and over several Masternodes. Trustlessness is an emerging property of decentralization and Masternodes are exactly that since they're spread across many countries and many providers.

for that cumbersome anonymity.

Not nearly as cumbersome as Monero's privacy with oversized transactions, complete unscalability, lack of solid infrastructure and a blockchain so big that nobody wants to run a sync for a full node, so the majority of users are forced to use a centralized web-wallet service where the admin, fluffypony, can see everyone's transactions. How's that for cumbersome? More like downright dangerous if you ask me.

Contrast that to: Mix once in your own ultra-fast syncing wallet, spend & confirm instantly. So "cumbersome"!

As there are not enough people using the feature to mix with you

Again false. Mixing times have improved significantly thanks to multisession-mixing since 12.1 and an increasing amount of daily mixing transactions.

there are so called liquidity providers,

There haven't been liquidity providers in Dash for at least a year, probably much longer.

that you need to trust as well.

100% false and again ignorance on how PrivateSend works. A mixing party has zero insight on who they are mixing with/who the other parties are and even if they did: all information would be worthless with the next round of mixing, since they have no control over who they mix with. The network decides that randomly and unpredictably thanks to the entropy Proof of Work is providing us. But again: There are no liquidity providers anymore as independent mixing has been working well enough for quite a while now.

Unless you keep your wallets separate (exactly as with Bitcoin) anyone receiving funds from you can find out how much you own.

This is so false it makes your head spin. The PrivateSend balance in your wallet consists of hundreds, sometimes thousands of mixed inputs sitting each on newly generated addresses split into PrivateSend denominations that are indistinguishable from any other person's cloud of denominations. If you send someone a certain amount from your balance the wallet takes the appropriate denominations and "stitches together" the amount you wanna send. The recipient receives a load of identical inputs with no earthly way of knowing which wallet these coins originated from. You don't have to keep anything separate as your wallet does that for you anyway. Why wouldn't it?! Btw: PrivateSend is going to be supported by Dash mobile wallets as well.

Without even diving in the technicalities

I guess you should have. I did (a little) and I have shown that Monero cannot scale and is deeply vulnerable in its privacy scheme. The fact that a fork of the project is enough to have users expose themselves should make any privacy minded person shudder.

anyone just using it once and being private from the get go

By "get go" you mean after waiting a week or two until the local client synced by downloading the oversized blockchain from 1500 Raspberry Pis or the moment you've created an account at where at least one person knows your account balance and your tx history?

without hassle

Still syncing, please stand by...

without standing out

Until the entire blockchain is exposed by cracking its single layer of encryption.

will immediately grasp what fungibility means and will have a hard time going back to any weak Bitcoin+whatever_crap_layer like Dash is.

Talking about "crap layer" yet we have your very own Riccardo Spagni talk about how he wants to co-opt Dash's genius like so many other copycoins have already done, after finally admitting that you can't compete with Dash's Treasury system and thus its secondary layer.

Questions to the general reader

  • Notice how this lie-ridden post is the top comment in that thread?
  • Notice how it doesn't even address the points raised by the comment OP quoted?
  • Notice how nobody from the Dash community ever spouted such flagrant lies about Monero? Or any other coin for that matter?
  • It gets better: Notice how that person carries the flair "XMR Core Team"? How many Dash Core Team members are spreading lies about other projects?
  • And finally: How much more evidence do you need that Monero is a toxic troll community literally to its Core? It's not just the comment itself proving it, but the amount of approval it receives.

So I challenge anyone who claims "Dash isn't any better" to demonstrate this sort of behaviour within this community.

I end this thread with one of my favorite quotes


With all the Africa related posts to this forum, I found myself wondering about online Dash interest in Africa. I was investigating and weirdly had a one-off 'selfie porn page' come up when I clicked [blog] . I also had a 'headphones' ad come up when I clicked on [social connect] which is not even a link. I emailed DashAfrica to warn them of this anomaly.


In the early days of bitcoin, many people received their first coins from the bitcoin faucet run by Gavin. This was really instrumental in helping bitcoin to grow it's userbase. Today, Gavin's faucet no longer operates but other popular coins do operate good faucets. Is there a good dash faucet that newbies can use to get a small amount of dash? I would love to be able to say to friends: pull out your phone, go to, and they'll give you 10 cents worth of dash for free.

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