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Parity - Afri
4 months agoGilded1
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With the magical influx of new readers, I would like to welcome everyone to r/ethereum warmly. Please protect this community's philosophy by respecting our rules (see sidebar or scroll down). Let me quote the most important ones here for reference:

  • Keep price discussion and market talk to subreddits such as /r/ethtrader.
  • Keep mining discussion to subreddits such as /r/ethermining.
  • Keep ordinary ICO advertisements to subreddits such as r/ethinvestor.

Feel free to use this thread to say 'Hi, I'm new!' or 'Hi, I'm not!'. If you have a question, feel free to comment and ask it below. But first make sure you are fully synchronized and have a look at FAQ on Ethereum Stack Exchange. Do you have any question that feels dumb? Try r/ethereumnoobies :D

Don't forget to check out /r/ethdev for the Ethereum developer community and post your diamond-shaped cat findings on r/ethsightings (don't forget to subscribe!). Thanks for flying with r/ethereum! :-)

Getting Started

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a cutting-edge blockchain-based distributed computing platform, featuring smart contract functionality. It provides a decentralized virtual machine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), that can execute peer-to-peer contracts using a crypto-fuel called Ether.

Where do I start?

You want to start by getting yourself set up with a wallet. You have some choices:

What next?

Get Ether, write smart contracts, build DApps, and dive into Ethereum:

I want more in-depth details!

The annual Ethereum Developer Conference (Devcon):

Other conferences, workshops, meetups, or tutorials:

List of protocol updates and hard-forks:

List of bridged networks or sidechains: - POA Network, Proof-of-Authority open Ethereum sidechain (Bridged, Parity only) - Another PoS/PoA hybrid network is currently being prepared ...

List of public testnets:


Below are the rules that Reddit users on /r/ethereum must follow to participate. These can be used as reasons to remove posts/comments and ban users.

Golden Rule

You are expected to treat everyone with a certain level of respect and refrain from inappropriate behavior. Examples of inappropriate behavior include:

  • Personal insults
  • Threats of violence or attempts to organize attacks
  • Slurs of any kind
  • Posting people’s private information

If you can't play nice with others, you will not be allowed to post here.

Ether Price, Market, and Mining discussions

Discussion related to the price of ether, buying, trading, market speculation, or any other price/market talk should be posted on /r/ethtrader, a third-party Subreddit not moderated by us. Besides, keep mining discussion to Subreddits such as /r/EtherMining and obvious ICO advertisements to r/ethinvestor or similar.

Duplicate threads

Duplicate threads may be deleted. It is up to the discretion of the mods.

No spamming or drive by posting

Spamming will lead to post deletion and a possible ban. Posts created by accounts that self-delete immediately will be deleted right away - no drive by posting.

Using multiple accounts

Creating multiple accounts to get around Reddit or Subreddit rules is not allowed and will likely result in a permanent ban.

Misleading titles

Posts with purposely misleading or unsubstantiated titles will be removed.

Karma & age requirements for posting submissions

All post submissions should be made from accounts at least ten days old with a minimum of 20 comment karma. This is to keep trolls and spam-bots to a minimum. Exceptions may be made on a discretionary basis; please do not message the mods for more information.

Moderation philosophy

/r/ethereum is a place for the open discussion about the Ethereum software, protocol, distributed applications, and related technologies. As moderators, we are here to make sure the conversation stays civil and productive. We will not censor posts based on personal ideology and welcome constructive discourse.

What we ask our users

  • Please utilize the up-vote and down-vote buttons. This is a built-in moderation tool that is very powerful.
  • If you submit a report about a post or comment, please provide as much detail as possible to help us more quickly sort through our reported posts/comments.
  • Please don’t report posts or comments you disagree with, only about things that break the rules.
  • We welcome discussions about other crypto-currencies and Ethereum implementations, but if the topic is already being extensively covered by other threads, we kindly ask you to consider posting it to a more specific Subreddit. You can check an extensive (but not comprehensive) list of Ethereum-related Subreddits on the "All Ethereum" Multireddit.

Moderation logs

The moderation logs are public and available for review here.



I'm thinking of implementing an Ethereum backed token, instead of conventional gift cards/certificates, in a small mom 'n' pop retail shop. I'm not super naive, nor am I new to crypto, but I have many questions... Anybody feel like talking about this idea with me? Thanks!!


Could anyone tell me what tech specs I should be looking for to run a competent full node? Memory, cpu, SSD size. Any vps recommendations would also be great.



I'm on a Mac with High Sierra (Mac OS 10.13.5). I just added a new wallet contract to my Etherbase (my first wallet contract), and it showed up fine in the wallet. I also had a number of tokens I was monitoring.

The app crashed, and when it came back up, the wallet contract and tokens are nowhere to be seen. The tokens don't bother me so much--I can just re-add the contract again to monitor those. But I don't see an option to add a wallet that already exists. I don't want to create a new one.

More importantly, this has happened before with the tokens disappearing. Is there something off with my install that's causing this behavior?

My Etherbase Address:

I can still access my Etherbase account without a problem. The private key is working just fine.

Contract Address: 0x1b62409AE5397e0a50Bf73297AF75fa164eD0425

It shows the Contract Wallet was created successfully, and all my tokens are where I expect them to be, so I'm not worried about any of my currency being missing or the wallet being somehow destroyed.

When I try to watch the contract, I get an error re: being unable to parse the JSON interface.

I just want to get the wallet contract into the Ethereum Wallet app and have it stay there.

Thanks for your help.

EDIT 1 (2018 06 20 3:10P GMT): Edited post to add the wallet contract address and error message.

Also, I notice ¼ of the votes on this post were downvotes? What did I do?

EDIT 2 (2018 06 20 3:30 GMT): Edited to clarify I still have access to my main Etherbase account, including the private key. It's only the new wallet that is misbehaving.

EDIT 3 (2018 06 20 3:59 GMT): ABI posted in comment below for reference.

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