Gnosis builds new market mechanisms to enable the distribution of resources—from assets to incentives, and information to ideas.


  • Gnosis Olympia

    Gnosis Olympia, the alpha version of our prediction market platform, provides participants with a playful environment to try out trading in prediction markets and win GNO tokens as a reward for successful predictions. At the start of the tournament, participants will be issued a balance of 200 OLY tokens, Olympia's official play-money token, which they can then use to make predictions on various topics. Every two days, they'll get a top-up of new OLY tokens allowing them to trade on new markets and climb up the scoreboard. The more profits players make from correctly predicted events, the more GNO tokens they win. For developers aspiring to build dApps on top of our platform, Olympia should serve as both a test environment and an inspiration for what's possible to create with Gnosis.

  • Gnosis Safe

    The Gnosis Safe aims to provide all users with a convenient, yet secure way to manage their funds and interact with decentralized applications on Ethereum. It comes in two editions: Personal Edition and Team Edition. The Gnosis Safe Personal Edition is targeting individual users using 2 or more factor authentication through native mobile apps for Android and iOS in combination with a browser extension. The Gnosis Safe Team Edition is geared towards teams managing shared crypto funds. It is an improvement of the existing Gnosis MultiSig wallet with redesigned smart contracts, cheaper setup and transaction costs as well as an enhanced user experience. Visit the Gnosis Safe website to learn more.

  • Dutch Exchange

    The Dutch Exchange (DutchX) is a decentralized exchange for ERC20 token pairings, based on the Dutch auction principle. Taking the traditional order book model to the blockchain makes little sense: problems such as front-running are magnified in discrete time. The mechanism of the DutchX is designed such that sellers submit their tokens ahead of an auction. Then, the auction starts with a high price which falls until the market for the specific token-pairing clears. Bidders submit their bids during the auction, but pay the same final price. Hence, the dominant strategy for bidders to reveal their true willingness to pay will result in fair market prices. Coupled with a pure on-chain design, the DutchX may function as a price oracle and is also usable for other smart contracts to convert tokens. Participants benefit from the redistribution of fees within the DutchX ecosystem as well.

  • Gnosis Trading Interface

    The Gnosis Trading Interface will allow users to trade in prediction markets. Different cards on the dashboard give users a preview of new and soon-closing markets along with their current prediction so they never miss a chance to participate. From within a market's detail page, users are able to buy or sell shares in a market and navigate to their current holdings. Depending on whether they're predicting a categorical event or a scalar event, they'll be able to trade outcome or short/long tokens. Most parts of the interface have already been implemented, and we're hoping to launch it on the mainnet soon. Meanwhile, you can check out a preview here.

  • Build Your Own

    As a decentralized, permissionless platform, we want to make it as easy as possible for others to create prediction market applications on top of Gnosis. Want to build your own prediction market application? Check out the SDK on our Developer page and start coding.


Gnosis is built on Ethereum, a next generation blockchain protocol enabling advanced smart contracts.

Ethereum is censorship resistant, globally available, and provides transparent guarantees about future operations of the platform. With Ethereum, we can eliminate middlemen and counterparty risk.


You would like to learn more about the power of prediction markets, their endless use cases, and our mission to provide a decentralized and permissionless platform to create customized prediction market applications on Ethereum?

Check out our blog and read about our latest product releases; community, team, and development updates; ecosystem news and initiatives; and find out all about every part of the multifaceted Gnosis infrastructure. Follow us on Twitter and Medium to keep up with our progress!

Use Cases

  • Price Discovery

    Prediction markets can be used for price discovery. One potential use case is a prediction market for pre-auction art valuation. Auction houses can save millions of dollars with prediction market insights into variables such as where to begin auction pricing, and how much profit to guarantee to sellers. We are excited to help facilitate information gathering applications for both traditional and new industries.

  • Futarchy/Governance

    Futarchy is market-based governance. Instead of asking legislature or a board of directors, markets are created to aggregate information into the best possible decision optimizing for a predefined metric. We already have smart contracts for Futarchy implemented and created a mock up for a governance app. Additionally, we received a DEV grant to research cryptoeconomic market mechanisms and are ready to experimentally investigate whether manipulation of such markets is possible and if so, how to preclude this. We are excited to see Futarchy in action and explore opportunities in corporate and state governance!

  • Financial Markets

    One use case for a financial markets application is a non-monetized prediction market for securities research firms to obtain outside feedback on expected stock fundamentals. We hope that later iterations of this application will open the door to a new generation of financial markets, allowing for trading on a wide variety of stock fundamentals. We believe that this is a development that could be truly transformational for financial markets in general: Having a continuous stream of information on fundamentals and more accurate models using conditional markets will hopefully result in more efficient markets and less volatility.

  • Insurance

    Applications built on top of Gnosis will enable an evolution in the insurance market. Markets can be created for every event with an uncertain outcome, while smart contracts can handle the policy. This disintermediates pricing and paperwork by crowdsourcing actuarial work and eliminating the need for costly middlemen. In addition, new forms of dynamic and micro-insurance products can be created using our infinitely flexible markets.

Hosted by Gnosis, DappCon is a nonprofit global developer conference focusing on decentralized applications, tooling, and foundational infrastructure on Ethereum.

The conference aims to open critical discussions on the next generation of dapps and provide a learning opportunity for developers.

19–20 July


Martin Köppelmann

Co-Founder, CEO

Decides on conceptional designs and strategy.

Stefan George

Co-Founder, CTO

Leads development and architectural designs.

Dr. Friederike Ernst


Structures, organizes, and directs company operations.

Adolfo Panizo

Front-end Developer

Develops front-end applications.

Alan Lu


Finds suitable models and algorithm implementations.

Alessandro Gasch

Business Development

Builds strategic partnerships to grow business and ecosystem.

Andre Meyer

Front-end Developer

Develops front-end applications.

Angel Rodriguez

Full-stack Engineer

Drives back- and front-end development.

Anna George

Regional Manager Asia/Pacific

Drives business development in the Asian market.

Benjamin H. Smith

Mathematician & Developer

Creates and develops mathematical models for cryptoeconomics.

Christiane Ernst

Product Manager

Manages products from concept to launch.

Collin Chin

Developer Advocate

Builds university relations in the Bay Area.

Daniel Sánchez

Full-stack Engineer

Drives back- and front-end development.

David Sato

Front-end Developer

Develops front-end applications.

Denís Granha

Full-stack Engineer

Drives back- and front-end development.

Dmitry Karpov

Front-end developer

Develops front-end applications.

Dominik Teiml

Smart Contract Developer

Develops smart contracts.

Fernanda Morgado

Executive Assistant

Manages office projects and assists with human resources.

Frederico Sabino

Mobile Developer

Develops Android applications.

Germán Martínez

Full-stack Engineer

Drives back- and front-end development.

Giacomo Licari

Full-stack Engineer

Drives back- and front-end development.

John Park

Community Manager

Connects with our Korean community.

Julian Garcia


Designs and conceptualizes branding campaigns.

Kei Kreutler

Strategy Director

Oversees strategic direction and company messaging.

Lama Mansour

Product Manager

Manages products from concept to launch.

Mareen Gläske

Developer and Campus Outreach

Supports external developers and creates incentivization programs.

Matt Liston


Michel Bio

UX/UI Designer

Designs interfaces to ensure the best possible user experience.

Mikhail Mikheev

Front-end developer

Develops front-end applications.

Minette Mangahas

UX/UI Designer

Designs interfaces to ensure the best possible user experience.

Nadja Beneš

Brand & Content Strategy

Conveys the company's internal and external messages.

Raul Orons

Full-stack Engineer

Drives back- and front-end development.

Richard Meissner

Mobile Developer

Leads development of Android applications and frameworks.

Tobias Schubotz

Product Manager

Manages products from concept to launch.

Tom Walther


Creates mathematical models for cryptoeconomics.

Uxio Fuentefria

Full-stack Engineer

Drives back- and front-end development.


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