Gnosis builds new market mechanisms to enable the distribution of resources—from assets to incentives, and information to ideas.

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    Aug 2

    At Gnosis, we believe in a redistributed future. We are building fundamentally new market mechanisms to make this future possible. Check out our update on Gnosis' mission, vision, and the road ahead 💫👉

  2. Oct 12

    convenes the widest diversity of projects and ideas in the blockchain space to create and build in one place. We're excited to be hosting a workshop on the DutchX! See you 22-24 Oct. in Berlin! More info:

  3. Oct 12

    RT gnosisSafe "RT ethBounties: In and eager to help gnosisPM with feedback on the ? Head to fullnode_berlin & get a sneak preview of the features and functionality for what's set to be the safest mobile wallet on . The reward is 100

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    Oct 11

    In and eager to help with feedback on the ? Head to & get a sneak preview of the features and functionality for what's set to be the safest mobile wallet on . The reward is 100

  5. Oct 12

    Prediction markets have tons of applications, but could they really help prevent wars? Find out in our newest blog post by .

  6. Oct 11

    RT gnosisSafe "Did you know that with the gnosisSafe, you can set up a multi-sig wallet without the need to hold Ether in another decentralized wallet. Our tech team lead Richard explains how here: "

  7. Oct 11

    Learn more about how Helena is solving the research gap in the blockchain space. Helena is also built on top of the Gnosis infrastructure and uses prediction markets to track analysts’ recommendations.

  8. Oct 9

    If you participated in Olympia, check out your position in the scoreboard now and claim your GNO reward before 19 October 2018

  9. Oct 9

    RT gnosisSafe " addresses are long, ugly, and hard to remember. The gnosisSafe uses blockies identicons wherever possible :) There's also Ethavatar, flame ID or Metamask's identicons—what else? "

  10. Oct 8

    Want to dive into the virtually limitless applications of prediction markets! Check out our new 'Futurscapes' blog series!

  11. Oct 8

    Introducing dFusion, a scalable, fair exchange for multi-token batch auctions. Don't miss the talk by Gnosis' Alexander Herrmann at the . More info here:

  12. Oct 5

    in Berlin is fast approaching! We're excited to be hosting a workshop at the summit about building the DutchX trading protocol—on October 23rd at 15:45. More info here:

  13. Oct 4

    Berlin hackers 🇩🇪 Tobias, our Product Manager, will be at the Hack like a girl! hackathon to introduce how you can on our projects. Winner of the best project category will receive free 2019 tickets!

  14. Oct 4

    We've learned a lot from our community developer challenge, 'GnosisX.' Our latest blog post looks at the challenges we faced, and where we want to go looking forward!

  15. Oct 4

    RT gnosisSafe "You're hacking ETHSanFrancisco and want to build on top of the gnosisSafe? Get in touch with us via Gitter and ask away any questions you may have! We'll help you out: "

  16. Oct 4

    hackers 🌉 is promoting the DutchX trading protocol as a solution to one of their hackathon prizes. Check it out here:

  17. Oct 3

    In the last year, we had 5,780 commits from 38 contributors in our repositories, ranking us at place 17th among all crypto projects. We're moving fast! Congrats to our stellar dev team for a productive year 🙌🥂

  18. Oct 3

    The closure and repair of New York City's L-train is fast approaching! Delays and complications are expected, but prediction markets may be the answer. Check out a case study into prediction market uses cases by !

  19. Oct 2

    Reward claiming is now live on Olympia. If you finished in the top 50 users, head to the scoreboard to claim your Mainnet GNO tokens now. You will be able to claim your GNO anytime before 19th October 2018, so hurry up!

  20. Oct 2

    We've deployed a pilot of the DutchX before it will be governed by a community-owned DAO. This DAO will redeploy the DutchX smart contracts and control what we call the 'auctioneer powers'. Read more here:

  21. Oct 2

    RT gnosisSafe "We're impressed by all the projects that used the gnosisSafe ETHBerlin! Special shoutout to Hermes-network, building a decentralized network of tx relayers. Check it out 👉 Want to build on top of the Safe? Here's… "


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