NEM Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | XEM Forecast Estimate

NEM Price Prediction

NEM was one of the highest growing top 5 cryptocurrency till October 2017 but because of other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin cash, Ripple, Dash and Cardano started increase with huge percentage position of NEM in highest market cap is started dropping which is result NEM recently holding 9th position but few day ago huge announcement is coming from NEM coin unofficial news that popular messenger WeChat confirm partnership with NEM with launching  mobile wallet for XEM coin so every WeChat user will allow to see NEM coin balance which result NEM started growing with stable growth rate of 299% as on 17 November 2017 price noted with 0.192 USD and then it reaches with all time high price on 0.766 USD so if NEM able to continue this report then they expected to cross 1 USD milestone till start of January 2018 in low price cryptocurrency world this could be great achievement for NEM coin.

Update: 21st January 2018

refer below table for latest prediction

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NEM Price Prediction 2018

NEM Price Prediction
NEM Price Prediction

NEM in 2018 will show same growth rate like previous year December month because their wallet launching with WeChat who has billions of user worldwide so for advertisement and sale considering this platform will help them grow their market cap value which enough to attract investor so as we predicted above it cross 1 USD in first week of January because just like Ripple and cardano people are now taking interest in low priced cryptocurrency just because growth rate is massive in actual report just because price in point format It look like price are low, but as we know investment profit is all depend on with how much prices are increasing as we noted 0.75 USD price per XEM coin and considering same per month growing percentage till end of 2018 NEM price will cross to

Month & YearNEM Price Prediction
January 20182.28 USD
February 20186.81 USD
March 20187.4 USD
April 201812.4USD
May 201815.2 USD
June 201818.3 USD
July 201820.3 USD
August 201825.3 USD
September 201831.6 USD
October 201834.7 USD
November 201838.2 USD
December 201845.0 USD

Note: with steady price with fluctuating growth rate of 55% to 201% we have set above expected price

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NEM Coin Prediction 2019

In 2019 year NEM coin expected to be close to all time highest peak by coming closer to 100 USD per coin price as report new cryptocurrency launching with android based mining in which using your mobile you can mine cryptocurrency for that your mobile processor will be use and you will get android wallet also there are huge expectation from NEM coin because after launching WeChat as wallet to show balance they may launch miner application which attract more people who love to mine cryptocurrency as we set figure below with range of 47 to 90 USD with steady growth rate which was seen in last few month and calculating their average below prediction may turn out to be true.

Month & YearNEM Price Prediction
January 201948 USD
February 201952 USD
March 201956.4 USD
April 201959.1 USD
May 201965.85 USD
June 201969.48 USD
July 201975.26 USD
August 201982.45 USD
September 201984.43 USD
October 201987.36 USD
November 201990.39 USD
December 201995.55 USD

Note: above report is showing price difference with 229% ratio.

XEM Forecast 2020

XEM symbol of NEM cryptocurrency as predicting price on 2020 is just like predicting future but still for you user we have calculated below range of prices with considering price of first week of January 1017 to 17 December 2017 in which there biggest differences in price in which in one year prices are increases with 19,763% highest growth rate till date and per many expert prediction, NEM coin will be in top 5 position after one year and maintain their position by beating Litecoin, Ripple and IOTA in highest market cap race and XEM is looking for making partnership with other biggest Chinese industry and companies in which to grow market cap value and so it will show good growth in future.

Month & YearXEM Price Forecast
January 2020102.4 USD
February 2020112.9 USD
March 2020123.4 USD
April 2020134.1 USD
May 2020142.4 USD
June 2020149.7 USD
July 2020157.5 USD
August 2020168.5 USD
September 2020145.6 USD
October 2020198.5 USD
November 2020210.5 USD
December 2020226.2 USD

Note: above report is set by considering one month price difference in which there is steady and fluctuation report.

NEM Estimate

Market cap Value$6,898,076,999 USD*
Maximum Supply899,999,999,999 XEM*
Position in highest market cap9th *
Per month Growth Rate219%*

Note: “*” sign indicate continuous change in value.

20th December 2017-update: NEM show small drop from last two days now prices are lower  than previous week i.e.$0.900259 with drop rate of -9.94% but till end of 2017 there are huge expectation of crossing 1$.